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Directions / Pura Vida Puertecillo

This is in TUMAN (upper Puertecillo area, up the road "La cuchilla")
How to get there?
Take Highway Autopista del Sol, and take the exit to Rapel / PICHILEMU. In junction “Cruce las Arañas” (Restaurant Safari) turn right towards PICHILEMU and Litueche. Always follow direction Litueche. Leaving LITUECHE (Copec) take exit to the right, move 300 m. approx. and take the first dirt road on the left (TOPOCALMA) On the dirt road going to have a first sign that says to Topocalma don’t turn! -SECOND sign to TOPOCALMA/PUERTECILLO, turn left. There are lots of PUERTECILLO signs striped with black spray so people do not get. -Next crossing says Topocalma straight and El Manzano right, taking into MANZANO. There you will cross a bridge, there is a restaurant "El Tropezon" and go up a little hill. -Next Junction, where is a bus stop follow Pupuya straight and don’t turn to MANZANO. (that is the new road to “loteo playa Puertecillo”. -100 Meters ahead is the last crossing to PUERTECILLO/TUMAN. There is another bus stop, a solar focus, a house on the corner, turn left into TUMAN / PUERTECILLO. There is another sign in the same place that says Alto Tuman 7 kms. Go straight (7kms) until you will see a wooden sign that says, PUERTECILLO left, Tuman staight, continue to TUMAN. You will see a hostel on your right with a sign that says "Allto Tuman" continue about 500 meters approx, you will go as down a bit and when you reach a junction where there is a sign "PURA VIDA" in the left corner and one in the other corner that says "zona de paseos" take to the left, you will pass in front other cabins on your left and continue straight on the road always taking the right, 300 mts ahead of those other cabins is our gate on the right. It is the only fence that will see tidy sticks and a Chilean flag. / Tel. (WhatsApp): +56 994995008